Our Squad

Welcome to the ‘Slammers Squad’ our special community of ambassadors and super fans! We love offering our ambassadors Slammers Snacks and sharing their inspiring pictures and posts on our social channels.  Our ambassadors are moms, kids and storytellers across the U.S.

Che Aamodt

Kid Ambassador

Che is an All-American baseball player, club soccer player, international race car driver, and most importantly an honors student and avid history reader. And still just shy of his double digit birthday!

Finn Aamodt

Kid Ambassador

Finn is a comedian, youth baseball player, club soccer player, gamer, YouTuber

Lindsay Aamodt

Lifestyle Ambassador

Lindsay is a Mom, Wife, Silicon Valley Marketing Executive, Bay Area Cycle Instructor, World Traveler

Brittany WIlliamson

Lifestyle Ambassador

Brittany Williamson is a mama to two boys- Andre who is 3 1/2 and Quincy who is 1. She is a former 5th grade reading teacher and current stay at home mom in Minnesota. She enjoys getting out and about, reading good books, and eating delicious treats!

Tasha Hinton

Lifestyle Ambassador

Tasha is a wife, SAHM, blogger, and mompreneur residing in Texas. She lives for coffee and a good slice of pizza. You can find out more about this boy mama and her family at bytashahinton.com or @bytashahinton on Instagram.

Justine Vidovich

Lifestyle Ambassador

Justine is a teacher turned stay-at-home momma & full time wife. Her life revolves around family, her pup, and this whole mom gig.